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bamboo flooring Road

Discussion in 'Bandar & Agen Togel' started by qizhen0809, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. qizhen0809

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    Sep 6, 2016
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    texture, so choose More sex. The third reason,composit wood panels we are not enough for color research, may be our business in this research and development there are still some problems. The fourth reason, my feeling is that in many markets, our bamboo floor store is small, why bamboo flooring is cheap, that is, with its environment problems. Mr Wang has just talked very objective, he is an outsider to talk about the impression of the bamboo flooring industry. In the first part of the discussion, we exchanged views on the development opportunities facing the bamboo flooring,how to fasten wood composite fencing to sidewalk the development of our country and the status quo of the industry. All of us talked about very
    comprehensive and specific issues. In the second part of the discussion,waterproof vinyl flooring for decks we will analyze from the point of view, focusing on how to ride the momentum, seize the market opportunities, bigger and stronger. Although bamboo flooring industry in recent years generally optimistic, but in fact the performance of the bamboo flooring market tepid, the market did not burn as expected, the problem lies in what place? This issue may be a bit big and involve a wide range of issues. It is not very good to answer all of a sudden. We have prepared a few questions and discussed it in a disruptive manner. Second, corrugated hollow sheet manufacturer in lebanonseize the market opportunities, and seek common
    development, stronger Bamboo flooring industry Bamboo flooring positioning in the industry? covering outdoor concrete slab with woodThe development and growth of a new thing is bound to replace an old thing, bamboo flooring to grow and develop must be to grab the wooden floor 'cheese.' First of all to know who to grab? Second is how to rob? Feng Xin, general manager of Jiangxi Huachang Bamboo Industry Group I am from the new Huachang Bamboo Industry Group. The host just mentioned is the positioning of bamboo flooring in what position. My own feeling,fence panels and posts wickes bamboo flooring should be set in the upscale position, but you said that now in the market, we sell bamboo flooring so cheap,

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